Hexham Business Improvement District | Trish Hannant
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Trish Hannant

Trish Hannant

 Which Business in the Town are you a part of?

Studio 19 Hairdressing


What is your role on the BID board?

Director of the Stakeholder Group


How long have you been involved and in what capacity?

I have been involved since the meetings started.  Listening, asking questions and informing others who couldn’t make the meetings.


Why did you get involved with the BID?

I felt the County Council had so many cut backs that Hexham was looking neglected.  The BID seemed a great way to encourage investment into the town whilst also helping with the feel good factor for residents, tourists and workers alike. The people of Hexham can actually have a voice and have a say on important matters.


What other local businesses or community organisations are you involved with?

I enjoy Town Council meetings where you hear what is going to be happening in Hexham and go to the Neighbourhood plan meetings where the general public can have input for projects happening in the future of our town.


What do you bring to the BID?

I like to think that I understand what people want in our town as I am a good listener due to speaking one to one with clients every day.  We discuss anything and everything so I hear what residents and tourists feel about Hexham whether it’s good….or bad.


What do you hope to see the BID deliver in Hexham over the next five years?

I would like to see the BID deliver exciting new projects to enhance our town, good signage for visitors, investment and simply to help make Hexham a town to be proud of.


Anything else you’d like the community of Hexham to know about you?

I came to Hexham as a child visiting family, never dreaming that one day I would live and work here myself. I have had my salon for 14 years now and never fail to feel positive about our town. We are all so very lucky.