Hexham Business Improvement District | Town Rangers
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Town Rangers

Hexham welcomes Town Rangers!
 This project is currently subject to re-tender. Pleas see our Contracts page for more information.
How the project was developed
One of the BID’s projects in the Business Plan is Town Appearance. The BID aims to improve overall trading conditions for our businesses, by enhancing the appearance of the town, making it cleaner, tidier and more attractive. The BID advertised for a local partner to deliver this service. After a competitive tendering exercise, the BID has contracted with Hextol Foundation, who will provide litter picking and occasional cleaning services in key business districts of the town. They will also report more substantial issues to the relevant authorities.
What it WILL do
• Improve the appearance of the town
• Improve trading conditions for businesses
• Improve the perception of the town
• Cover key business and trading areas of the town
• Litter picking on public streets
• Occasional steam cleaning of pavements/hotspots
• Cleaning interpretative boards around the town
• Identification of other maintenance or cleaning issues and reporting to NCC
What it WON’T do
• Replace Northumberland County Council’s statutory services, which will continue as planned
• Replace your existing trade waste collections
• Deal with fly tipping, enforcement, or
• Cover largely residential areas
• Replace services already provided on private land
Who will benefit?
• Businesses
• Residents
• Visitors

Key data

• 95% of waste collected will not go to landfill, being either recycled in Northumberland or used for electricity production.
• 8 routes will cover the town’s busiest business areas on an alternating schedule

Route 1

Market Place – Market Street – Glover Place – Lane to the back of the Sele School past the playpark – past the Bowling Green – Campy Hill Path – Beaumont Street – Market Place


Route 2

Market Place – Shambles – Meal Market – St Mary’s Chare – Back Street – along Fore Street – Market Place


Route 3

Market Place – Market Street – Gilesgate – right to Haugh Lane – left to Haugh Lane Industrial Estate – on the right, down to the end (Eglin Antiques) – reverse on the other side to Haugh Lane– cross Haugh Lane to footpath up the side of the old swimming pool – left onto Market Street – Market Place.


Route 4

Bus Station – up left hand side of Priestpopple – first 50m on Eastgate,  Battle Hill – LHS of Battle Hill to Hencotes shops, return other side of Hencotes, and continue down Battle Hill to Priestpopple – Bus Station.


Route 5

Old Fire Station – to Railway station – return to Garden Centre – round the Industrial Estate- past Thomas Sherrif – old Fire Station.


Route 6

Down Hallstile Bank from top– turn left into Haugh Lane – cross at pedestrian crossing and turn back towards Alemouth Road – keep left at Tesco along Alemouth Road – cross Alemouth Road at roundabout and head towards Waitrose – turn right onto station road – up Loosing Hill – through New Court – onto Hallgate turn left –  Hallstile Bank


Route 7

Junction of Tyne Green Road and Haugh Lane – Tyne Green Road – Tyne Green – turn right and up Burn Lane  – Burn Lane Business Park – Burn Lane turn left along Haugh Lane – cross the road at the traffic lights and head towards Gilesgate – Holy Island.


Route 8

Rotary Way – onto Ferry Road – as far as Beaufront Park – turn back and right towards Howdens, turn back and left and right spurs off Ferry Road – Rotary way