Hexham Business Improvement District | Tony Bullock
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Tony Bullock


 Which Business in the Town are you a part of?

Armstrong Watson


What is your role on the BID board?

Finance Director


How long have you been involved and in what capacity?

I have been actively involved in the Hexham BID since the successful ballot


Why did you get involved with the BID?

The levy is a significant investment from businesses in Hexham and I welcomed the opportunity to get involved. It’s vital that the levy is spent wisely, to ensure that there is a tangible benefit for the business community, and to the residents and visitors to Hexham.


What other local businesses or community organisations are you involved with?



What do you bring to the BID?

I’m a qualified Accountant with 20 years experience of working in Hexham, and with businesses based in Hexham and the surrounding area.


What do you hope to see the BID deliver in Hexham over the next five years?

There is great responsibility on the Hexham BID to ensure that the investment made by the businesses community in Hexham is well spent, and benefits the entire Town.


Anything else you’d like the community of Hexham to know about you?

When time allows I like to spent it in the Lake district and on the hills in Northumberland, taking part in ultra distance runs and walks