Hexham Business Improvement District | Tom Gillanders
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Tom Gillanders

Tom Gillanders

 Which Business in the Town are you a part of?

Hexham Town Council


What is your role on the BID board?

Representing the Council and acting as a link with the residents of Hexham


How long have you been involved and in what capacity?

Since inception, as a founding member of the steering group


Why did you get involved with the BID?

I believe that the BID, as an organisation run by Hexham businesses to support Hexham businesses, will also be beneficial to the residents


What other local businesses or community organisations are you involved with?

Committee member, Hexham in Bloom

President, Albert Edward Club, Hexham

Past President, Hexham 41 Club

Both Chairing, and being a member, of various Hexham Town Council Committees, including the Neighbourhood Plan


What do you bring to the BID?

Before my retirement from being a Health and Safety consultant I founded and ran a successful consultancy business based in Hexham for over 20 years. I bring to the BID this experience of running a business; establishing relationships with other businesses – both commercial and industrial; and dealing with government departments.


What do you hope to see the BID deliver in Hexham over the next five years?

I will assist the BID in developing projects to enhance the town’s appearance; to attract further investment (both internal and external) and to improve access to the town’s resources for residents, visitors and customers.


Anything else you’d like the community of Hexham to know about you?

I have lived in Hexham for the past 33 years and am committed to its future.