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Rateable Value and your business

Rateable Value and your business

FAQs and useful resources for BID Levy payers


Hexham BID often receives enquiries from local businesses and organisations about their Rateable Value in relation to the BID levy payments. This post aims to answer some of these questions and provide links to useful resources. FAQs covered here include:


  • Why does my organisation have to pay the BID levy?
  • How is the BID levy calculated?
  • How do I confirm the rateable value (RV) status of a property/hereditament?
  • How do I change or challenge the RV status of a property/hereditament?
  • Who can help with BID levy billing and payment enquires?



Why does my organisation have to pay the BID levy and how is it calculated?


All business and organisations that have a qualifying hereditament within the Hexham BID area are required by law to pay the levy. ‘Hereditament’ is a legal term, generally used to describe an inheritable item of property:



Noun (Law)

  • any item of property, either a corporeal hereditament (land or a building) or an incorporeal hereditament (such as a rent), that can be inherited.
  • an item of inheritance.


For the majority of Hexham BID businesses and organisations, the qualifying hereditament is their business premises – A building/part of a building, structure or piece land that has a rateable value (RV) and is on the ‘non-domestic’ rates list.


The levy amount paid by each business or organisation is a percentage of the rateable value of their qualifying property/hereditament(s). In this case, 1%.


There may be more than one qualifying hereditament within a single building or premises, or your business may be spread over several buildings and therefore hereditaments. Each hereditament, and therefore each levy payment, will equate to a single vote in the next Hexham BID ballot. You can read more about the Hexham BID and ballot here.



Checking the ‘rateable value’ (RV) status of a property/hereditament


Hexham BID was recently very excited to discover that the Valuation Office Agency now provides public access to their ‘non-domestic’ (business hereditaments) rating list for the whole of the UK, via the GOV.UK website. This service allows you to search for and view detailed RV information about any property/hereditament on this list and to propose changes to its RV.


There are several search options, but we would recommend using the ‘Advanced’ option: ‘Local Authority Reference’. This is the unique property ID for each individual property/hereditament. It is labelled ‘Property Reference’ on your BID levy bill and starts with ‘TYNN’ followed by a 13 digit number.


Search results are displayed at the bottom of the page below the search form.




Clicking on the property/hereditament name and address in the search results will display the RV information page for that property.





Check and challenge – proposing a change to the RV of a hereditament


On 1st April 2017 the Government introduced a new process for challenging your property’s RV. Proposed changes to the rateable valuation or usage of a property/hereditament are made through https://www.gov.uk/guidance/how-to-check-your-rateable-value-is-correct. A ‘check’ is to agree on the correct property information, while a ‘challenge’ is where you can discuss the valuation.


The RV, and therefore your business rates could change if:


  • you move or make changes to your premises
  • the nature of your business changes
  • you sublet part of your property
  • you merge 2 or more properties into 1


To propose a valuation change, search for the property/hereditament (as described above), then click on the property name and address link in the search results to view the ratings information page. You will need a Government Gateway account to do this.


You can find more information about business rates and the change proposal process here..



BID levy billing and payment enquiries


The billing and collection of BID levy payments is handled entirely by the Northumberland County Council Business Rates Section.


Billing and payment enquiries: 0345 600 6400

Email: businessrates@northumberland.gov.uk

Website: http://www.northumberland.gov.uk/Business/Rates/Business-rates.aspx


Hexham BID will always try to answer any queries from BID levy payers, however we do not have access to the billing system or Business Rates database and can only offer general information and advice regarding levy payments and billing.