Hexham Business Improvement District | Mike Rowlson
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Mike Rowlson


 Which Business in the Town are you a part of?

Cogito Books

What is your role on the BID board?

Strategic and Business Planning

How long have you been involved and in what capacity?

Volunteer member of the board and steering group since spring 2015

Why did you get involved with the BID?

The BID offers the opportunity to work with other businesses to build on Hexham’s existing strengths and to develop a strong voice for the business community in the town.

What other local businesses or community organisations are you involved with?

Hexham Neighbourhood Plan – Volunteer member of the steering group
Hexham Community Partnership – Volunteer member of the board

What do you bring to the BID?

A strong analytical focus, critical thinking and business experience within both large and small companies.

What do you hope to see the BID deliver in Hexham over the next five years?

A stronger Hexham and a stronger business community within it.

Anything else you’d like the community of Hexham to know about you?

I moved to Hexham eight years ago and wished I moved much sooner, it’s a fantastic place to live and work.