Hexham Business Improvement District | Catriona Mulligan
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Catriona Mulligan


 Which Business in the Town are you a part of?

Hexham Community Partnership (company no 05987601)and Forum Cinema (FCH Ltd 06088842 –subsidiary of HCP) – commercially run in community ownership, and with profits retained within the community.


What is your role on the BID board?

Member of Stakeholder Group


How long have you been involved and in what capacity?

8 weeks


Why did you get involved with the BID?

Nominated by the Hexham Community Partnership Board.
It is an exciting opportunity for Hexham’s business community to contribute to one ‘whole’ sustainable Hexham.
Many organisations in the town play an active role in community and environmental matters. BID funding, presents a unique opportunity for the business community to step up their contribution.
The most effective models of sustainable development (in my view) demonstrate community, environment and business initiatives complementing each other and adding value, locally and regionally.


What other local businesses or community organisations are you involved with?

Hexham Community Partnership – Board member and member of Management Group
Tyne Rivers Trust – Steering Group Hexham Fish Pass


What do you bring to the BID?

I am an experienced strategic manager and rural development practitioner with extensive experience of working within protected landscapes and the wider countryside in both the public and charitable sectors.
Knowledge and understanding of partnership and community working, and of key partner organisations locally and regionally.
My experience includes engaging and guiding communities and multiple agencies towards innovative outputs, and strategic management of partnership projects.
In particular, I have expertise to steer and advise on marketing Hexham to a wider audience as a place to work, live and visit – a ‘destination’ town.

What do you hope to see the BID deliver in Hexham over the next five years?

Delivery of purposeful outcomes, exceeding the BID priorities set out in the Business Plan 2016 – 2021.
Achieving a reputation for adding value and being valued by both the business and wider community.
Seeing Hexham develop as an exemplar of sustainable development in the 21st century.


Anything else you’d like the community of Hexham to know about you?

I live in Hexham, work in Hexham, shop in Hexham and I want the town to be the best it can be.